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Marriott International launches free mobile travel game

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EH StaffMumbai

Marriott International has launched Xplor, a groundbreaking mobile travel game celebrating adventure. A first in the hotel industry, Xplor engages people of all ages to virtually see the world by visiting five gateway cities and accomplishing varied sightseeing challenges along the way. Xplor was developed by Marriott International in partnership with Evviva Games, a division of Evviva Brands. It is the second social game offered by Marriott. In 2011, Marriott was the first global hospitality company to launch a social game with My Marriott Hotel. The game was designed to attract potential employees to careers in hospitality by engaging them in the virtual experience of operating a hotel kitchen and attracted players from 138 countries in the first year alone.

“Social gaming is part of our innovation strategy to engage customers and attract the next generation of social, mobile travelers and employees to Marriott. With more than half a billion people playing social games globally—this is an exciting new channel for our company to promote travel and engage with people,” said David Rodriguez, executive vice president and chief human resources officer, Marriott International.

“We see guests effortlessly blending work and play in a global, mobile world. They embrace technology as a central part of their lifestyle,” said Stephanie Linnartz, executive vice president and chief marketing and commercial officer, Marriott International. “I applaud the entrepreneurial spirit behind this game, conceived by a group of employees who observed guests playing games to decompress between meetings, and convinced us to test a new way of engaging with guests,” said David Grissen, group president, Marriott International.

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