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Maitreya Group to promote rural tourism in Konkan belt

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The Maitreya Group of companies has initiated the process of setting up 50 resorts in Maharashtra engaging the farmers of the region. These resorts will be operated on a franchisee basis in Konkan and other regions.

“There are local farmers who have land and want to develop a resort. We will help them to establish and run their own resorts with our guidelines. What is required is minimum four-six acres of land in a complete natural surrounding,” said Ranjit Surve, corporate manager – marketing, Maitreya Group. It is essential for these resorts to be in non-urban environments with fishing and farming activities in the area. Currently enquiries are on which will be finalised in a year’s time.

The aim is to not only promote rural tourism by helping the locals set up a resort but also employ and engage the villagers in various activities, like the company has done in its first property – Mamacha Gaon resort in Palghar, Boisar. Many adivasis from the local area are employed in the property. In fact, in the resort 50 per cent of the employees are locals. They act as guides to take the guests to trek the hills or explore the local attractions, namely the nearby fort. “From tourism point of view these are the best people who know everything about their area. A tourist likes to see different things – not the same attractions that they already know about. So when they come here they discover different aspects of rural life from the local people,” said Surve.

The Warli Art Gallery in the resort has also been created by the village folk. Guests who mostly come from Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Surat and Baroda also like to go on bullock cart rides. Bullock carts are hired from locals who take the tourists around the village.

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