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LVCVA aims for Las Vegas to be top five US destination for India

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Key focus on the meetings and incentives segment


The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) has the responsibility of marketing Southern Nevada as a convention and tourism destination across the world. LVCVA also operates the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center. “In the near future, we believe Las Vegas can be a top five US destination for India. Our goal is to mirror the growth to the US. We believe India will play an important role as we develop the international market for Las Vegas. As additional service from India to the United States grows, so will our opportunities to establish Las Vegas as a must visit destination,” said Rafael Villanueva, director of international sales for the LVCVA.

Acknowledging that like the other BRIC countries, the India market for Las Vegas is in its infancy, Villanueva pointed out, “In fact we describe these countries as C.R.I.B. instead. But long-term strategy is to develop relationships with the travel distribution channels in India to have Las Vegas included in their ‘USA’ programmes. As we begin to drive interest, followed by demand, we can work with airline partners to show the value of Las Vegas as part of their US destinations to consider.” Meanwhile LVCVA is also working with its Las Vegas hotel partners to educate them on the Indian market and help them on how to work with the market and what are the expectations of guests from India.

A key segment LVCVA is focused on is the meetings and incentives space. “It will be the segment that will help us drive immediate attention to our Las Vegas hotel partners as well as develop relationships with companies in India with our hotel community. Today, there are many companies from India travelling to the United States for meetings. We would love to have the opportunity to host these meetings while they are in the US,” added Villanueva.

He mentioned that like many of our markets, LVCVA is entering India with patience. “We believe we can have a long and meaningful relationship with the India market as long as we continue to work and learn the market,” summed up Villanueva.

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