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Hyatt International strengthens sales presence in India

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Theirry Bertin

With increasing inventory in India, Hyatt International is also building its sales presence. Thierry Bertin, VP, worldwide sales, Hyatt International informed that the company opened an India centric reservation centre in Jaipur. “In India personal relationships are very crucial and it is important for our salespersons to be prepared. The staff has undergone intensive training for demanding consumers,” he added. Apart from this Hyatt currently has sales presence in  Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Bertin added that he is open to expanding this number eventually. A worldwide sales unit was also set up last year. Bertin said, “We are currently in a discovery and exploration phase for the unit and the indicators have been positive.”

Discussing hotels sales he said that business dynamics across the world has changed dramatically. Business in US has changed due to the economy, China is a strong and emerging market. While India is still not at the same as China, it is changing quickly. Bertin added, “Most of Hyatt’s big clients are MNCs. In China and India there are many SMEs involved whose nature of travelling is very different. It is an important factor in how people buy travel.” Hyatt International is also looking at growing the domestic pan India business, currently it is a 50:50 mix between international and domestic business.

Outbound business for Hyatt from India has grown. Bertin said the popular destinations include Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, London amongst others. “The use of five star accommodation by Indians for their overseas trips is still in its early stages but it is on the rise nonetheless,” said Bertin. He added that he has seen a good increase in incentive groups as well.

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