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Globus family of brands focuses on Tier II and III Indian cities

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Rituparna ChatterjeeMumbai

Scott E Nisbet

Globus family of brands, one of the world’s largest escorted travel companies, continues their focus on tier two and three Indian cities. Varesh Chopra, regional director – South Asia and Middle East, Globus family of brands stated, “We are going to Tier II and III cities and establishing strong relationships with the travel agents there. Interestingly, people in the Tier II and III cities of West Bengal are willing to spend money on new experiences. Next month we are going to meet travel agents in Siliguri, Bagdogra. We have a loyal clientele coming in from there and the travel agents are also showing interest.” Apart from tapping into the Tier II and III cities, Globus family of brands is also looking at creating a demand in the Indian market for the different offerings under their four brands – Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon Waterways. “At the moment the Indian market is focused on a handful of our itineraries and not the different offerings of the entire brand. Over time we want to expose the India market to all the destinations and different styles we have. So we are offering a combination of our entire product line, bringing in new products and building relationships with travel agents,” stated Scott E Nisbet, president and CEO, Globus family of brands.

For the Globus family, the US is the largest source market, followed by Australia and Canada with India featuring in the middle in the list of top 15. “India has been growing at a good pace. The market is maturing and people are asking for something new. We find a shift towards more people opting for Globus, even Avalon Waterways. We are seeing Indian travellers who have done ocean cruises now migrating towards river cruises,” opined Nisbet.

As for their strategy for the next two years, Chopra opined, “We will focus on educating the travel agents, telling them about our international experiences, how we are different from the rest, and bringing out different products.”

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