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Expectations from KTM 2012

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What are your expectations from KTM 2012?

Over and above the normal standard expectations of meeting prospective clients, making your product more visible, etc, KTM is a chance to get to know about the new trends in the travel and hospitality industry, and the basic change in the psychology of the customers, especially considering the buyers and sellers are from all over the country, and even from abroad. New messages, new policies, and changes to expect in the industry will also be highlighted especially since Kerala Tourism Department also takes immense interest in KTM. The most expected part is to get quality time on one to one basis with the potential customers in a systematic way.

Being one of India’s most successful travel trade marts, how do you think KTM has evolved over the years?

That KTM is one of India’s most successful travel mart in itself should tell you that all its movements has been upward from one KTM to the next. Over the years, the number of members have increased from what was initially a few people representing the industry, to the multitudes including the major and the minor players. To make a brand name that everyone wants to be associated with, is in itself a huge task, and that is what we have been seeing with each passing KTM. It is a prestige, it is a privilege and it is the ultimate meeting ground for the members of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

Jose Sebastian, General Manager, Lulu ICC, Thrissur

 What are your expectations from KTM 2012?

Considering the ambitious tourism targets in the Kerala State tourism policy, there is an urgent need to undertake massive marketing activities in these countries in order to draw high yield tourists.

Though Kerala is fully linked with the Gulf countries, the state also needs to push for direct air connectivity with the key European source markets. Fast tracked, Visa-on-arrival ( VoA ), in Kerala at all the three major airports – Kochi, Trivandrum and Calicut will definitely boost foreign tourist arrivals. Also, more countries should be added in VoA list, especially the countries that constitute most of the tourist arrivals to Kerala. Further, there is a need to look at taxation in air, road and hotel sector in order to make Kerala more competitive. As a developing state, it is an equally urgent need to ramp up airport and other tourism related infrastructure and add new products like theme parks, adventure tourism products and other innovative niche products like ‘highway tourism’ in the state.

Being one of India’s most succesful travel trade marts, how do you think KTM has evolved over the years?

It brings together the business community and entrepreneurs behind the tourism products and services of Kerala. It is today, the largest gathering designed, planned and scheduled to facilitate meetings involving buyers and sellers, media, government agencies and others. Its strength is reflected in the increasing participation of sellers and buyers. KTM is also focusing on eco-friendly ways to explore Kerala without compromising on comfort and style.

Biji Eapen, National President, IATA Agents Association of India (IAAI)

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