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Chhattisgarh Tourism Board investing in creation of tourism friendly infrastructure

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The Chhattisgarh Tourism Board (CTB) is in the process of creating tourism-friendly infrastructure and upgrading existing accommodation facilities to provide hassle-free stay for tourists.

CTB has taken up the task of renovating the guest houses owned by erstwhile Madhya Pradesh government and turning them into modern accommodation facilities for tourists.

Speaking to Express Travel World on the sidelines of a tourism fair in Kolkata, P Sen Bhowmick, general manager, CTB said, “The state government is investing heavily to develop accommodation and approach roads and train guides in order to become the most favoured tourist destination in the coming years. We are aggressively promoting the state at different national and international travel fairs, expositions to attract tourists.”

Religious tourism, eco-tourism and adventure tourism are the major segments that the state tourism department is looking at promoting.

After it was set up in 2002, CTB drew up an action plan to facilitate the setting up of basic tourism facilities like hotels, motels, wayside amenities, etc. Irrigation department owned ‘Guest Houses’ located in different tourist spots of the state were handed over to CTB, so as to be used as accommodation facilities for tourists.