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Bhutan’s cultural diversity driving tourist inflow

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Bhutan Travel Agency.com is aiming at encashing on potential markets like Goa, Kolkata and Ahmedabad in the coming quarter. “This year, we will be initiating an awareness campaign of sorts. We want people to know Bhutan the way Bhutanese know India, as this knowledge brings a wish sooner or later, which is to travel to a place they already are aware of.  We are hoping to see more traveller interest in Bhutan through our unique packages,” said Kartik Tiwari, senior official of BhutanTravelAgency.com.

Speaking about the promotions of Bhutan in India and overseas, Tiwari said, “As representatives of Bhutan, we want to familiarise Indians with the real culture, heritage and natural abundance that makes Bhutan and that is one of the basic criterion in creating each one of our tour packages. Besides our ongoing Facebook and Twitter activities, we regularly undertake road shows to generate public interest about Bhutan. Also there are frequent travel and trade exhibitions and events, which are important for creating value. In all these, our main endeavour is to give Bhutan its real worth internationally. Touring not only the hotspots, but also living and experiencing the real deal, the real Bhutanese life,” he added.

“Currently more number of people have started opting for cultural tours, than leisure tours which were opted for earlier. The favourites are Paro and Thimphu. Some of our customised tours like photography and filming tours have been quite in demand. Last year it used to be 50 people per month from India,” he revealed.