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‘‘AISATS aims to redefine airport services to enhance passenger travel experience’’

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How would you describe the growth story of AISATS?

Willy Ko

Since the start of our operations in 2008, AISATS has been providing superior, hassle-free and comprehensive services to its customer airlines in international airports at Bengaluru, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mangalore and Trivandrum. As a premier airport services company, we offer end-to-end ground handling services which include passenger and baggage handling, cargo handling, ramp handling, aircraft interior cleaning, load control and flight operations. We also operate a modern, state-of-the-art, fully equipped 200,000-tonne cargo terminal in Bengaluru. In the last 12 month period, AISATS has bagged ground handling contracts for more than 20 new airlines, a majority of which are international airline customers. AISATS has also gained a reputation for handling chartered and non-scheduled flights.

What has been your significant milestones?

Since the commencement of our services, AISATS has accrued a number of firsts to its credit. AISATS’ Bengaluru cargo terminal has the honour of being the first Air Cargo Terminal in India, Middle East and Africa region to be awarded a TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) Class A certification. We have also been pioneers in implementing the Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) and COSYS software in our operations. As one of the most reliable names in ground handling in the country, AISATS has maintained an overall turnaround time of 45 to 60 minutes for its airline customers.

What is your expansion strategy for the near future? Will you be also looking at tier II / tier III city airports in India?

AISATS’ ambitions are not limited to the five airports that it is currently operating in. We are keen on expanding our local footprint in new and emerging markets in accordance with our joint venture agreement. The company endeavours to implement innovations in the airline industry, to further enhance services and create value for our airline customers and the local community. Our ambition is to provide services at all the six metro airports and key tier II airports, so our airline customers and their passengers can enjoy consistent and good quality service in as many airports in India.

Are you also looking at expanding the range of services that you are offering to your client airlines?

AISATS aims to redefine airport services to enhance passenger travel experience by implementing best global services and innovative technological practices. Besides ground and cargo handling equipment, AISATS places strong emphasis on employee training and development, safety and security procedures and enhancing customer service culture within the company. As part of the company’s vision of exponential growth in the cargo and ground handling sector we look forward to expanding our services to add and create value to the business of our airline clientele and their customers. Some of the plans in the pipeline include lounge services, one-stop-service for comprehensive handling and customised cargo service offerings for special handling.

What is your vision for AISATS in the next decade?

AISATS’ vision is to be a prominent airport services company in all six metros, key tier II airports and emerging markets in India, which exceeds customer expectations. We envision the company as the employer of choice where each employee can perform to their potential. We would like to witness the company growing to become the first choice for airline customers, contributing significantly to the communities and the localities in which it operates. In the years to come, AISATS will be a pioneer in redefining airport travel experience and will be renowned for its continuous efforts in ensuring the provision of high quality services.

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