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Turkey urges tourism investments from India

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Government of Turkey has positioned tourism as one of their priority sectors for the Indian capitalists to invest. Turkey expects an inflow of 50 million tourists with a revenue of US$ 50 billion in this financial year. During the Turkey- India Business Forum held at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai, the delegation from Turkey prioritised sectors like pharma, test facilities, mining, education, energy, carbon fibre and high technology for investments from India, tourism infrastructure topped the charts.

Speaking exclusively with Express TravelWorld, Adnan YILDIRIM, deputy minister, Ministry of Economy, Republic of Turkey said, “In Turkey we welcome around 39.2 million tourists every year and the numbers are increasing. We need a lot of investments to build our tourism infrastructures for which we also provide incentives. India is a major target country for investments in our nation. We have a variety of touristic activities in our country including winter tourism, spring tourism, fall touristic activities. We also want Turkish Airlines to increase the number of flights and destinations in India.”

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