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Travel Food Services partners with ICICI Bank

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Commuters travelling or passing through Visakhapatnam railway station can now access an executive lounge (Travel Club Lounge) on a railway station in Visakhapatnam operated by Travel Food Services (TFS). TFS has formed an alliance with ICICI Bank for providing lounge access to its priority customers. The services at Travel Club Lounge are complimentary to the Rubyx and Coral range if cards.

Located on the platform one, the lounge operates 24/7, and can ccommodate over 50 passengers. Facilities include a shower area, buffet, recliners, entertainment, live cooking, snacks, tea and coffee and cold beverages. The lounge also offers a selection of popular newspapers and magazines. Complimentary Wi-Fi and toilet facilities are available for travellers, alongside paid facilities like shower rooms, recliners etc.

Gaurav Dewan, COO, TFS said, “TFS is always in search of excellence and committed to transforming the F&B experience of travellers. Our intent is to give the travellers a memory of India to cherish, in the little transition time between or before travel. Considering the volume travellers and the distances involved in traveling across a large country like India, travellers would definitely look forward to a place to spend a couple of hours where they can relax, rejuvenate and recharge themselves.”