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Space Kidz India collaborates with Team Synergy Moon for Google Lunar Xprize

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Team Synergy Moon, one of only five finalists in the Google Lunar Xprize race to the moon, has announced it is working with Space Kidz India to develop the teams combination Lander/Rover that will go to the moon. The team’s Lander/Rover has been renamed as ‘Pushpaka Vimana’, the first ever space vehicle of the universe mentioned in Indian mythology, in honour of Team Synergy Moon’s Indian team mates.

Team Synergy Moon has made a final pivot, a change in direction for this mission, to go with the smallest exploration hardware ever to be attempted for such a mission. Space Kidz India has recently completed working on micro-sized space probes, one of which was chosen to fly into space on a NASA sponsored suborbital flight.

Dr Srimathy Kesan, CEO, Space Kidz India, has designed numerous programmes to channel young minds. Most recently she has started ConnectSpaceKidz, an online portal where kids can interact with each other and with mentors to explore projects and ideas in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Along with space education, Space Kidz India is also promotes education through art and culture.