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‘Party travel is still an untapped segment’: Tripsee

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Tripsee provides fun experiences to young travellers through parties, ice breaking sessions and making friends across the globe. Siddharth Bapna, CEO, Tripsee shares how most millennials are looking to break away from the mundane

What are the unique / interesting aspects of the party trips that you organise (in India and overseas) ?

A major chunk of millennials are looking to break away from the mundane even if it means for a day or a weekend as boredom gets to anyone at any time. During such lows, there is a popular inclination towards ‘travel’ and ‘party’ and Tripsee customises this very cocktail and serves them something they wouldn’t regret the next morning. This is one hangover they wouldn’t regret. Oktoberfest is a perfect setup to see Europe closely, sipping German beers, singing German songs and meeting the whole world under one roof. It’s like going to a pool party and not getting wet. Also, we do nightclubs for sure but we also host a better party at 14000 ft in Gulmarg’s snow clad mountains, On a deserted beach on an island, in middle of the Thar desert!


Can you name a few ‘wow’ factors ?

Ice breaking parties: Our ice breaking parties often comes with unlimted Sangria/beers/house cocktails, and clubbed with lot of drinking games, live performers etc. for people to let loose and begin conversations with their co-travellers.

Unique accommodations on all our trips: We want people to experience the vibe we have on our trips and yet not compromise on their comfort. All our trips have multiple stay options right from Backpacking hostels to luxury hotels and villas.

Our selection of places, things to do and party venues: All our trips are hand curated by destination experts. This helps us to crack the hidden gems of the city better than what google can show. Our party venues, our activities our schedules are all curated and picked to give you unique and authentic experience which cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Our tour managers/vibe setters: Our tour managers are essentially trained to set vibe of the group, to make sure no one ever has a dull moment.

Who is your target clientele? Are you particularly focused on groups or individual travellers ?

We are focused on both groups as well as individual travellers, on most of our trips we have a balanced combination group of four-five friends traveling together as well as solo traveller who wants to travel in a group to meet like-minded travelers.

Do you customise party trips for special interest groups ?

Yes, we do customise party trips. Until now, on an average we do 15-20 bespoke trips per month out of which 40 per cent is from Mumbai, 5 per cent from Navi Mumbai, 5 per cent from Pune. We have curated wildlife trips for a community of wildlife photographers, a high on energy trip for community of fitness focused people.

Are your clients only from Indian metros or Tier 2/3 locations also?

Our clients are from all over India. Metros, Tier 2 and Tier 3.

Your views regarding the future of this segment? Also, how do you plan to popularize and promote these packages ?

In India, currently no one is operating in this party travel domain, besides us. While you will find at least 500 companies doing adventure travel in every Tier 1 and Tier 2 city of India, but party travel is something which is still untapped and I guess yet very much of a desired product. The moment you step outside Asia, it’s a different game. USA has this concept of Spring Breaks which is a massive party of college students with all kind of sins we know. Europe has some crazy ski and snowboarding destinations where college students go to party and ski.

The reason why we don’t have this in India full-fledged is because everything is so complex. There are so many restrictions, license, bribes, harassment. We don’t have clean waterbodies, no clean beaches. We plan to reach out to masses with creative marketing strategies, we are soon rolling out our campus ambassador programs where a college student will be the face of Tripsee in their college and also gets to travel and party with us on our trips.

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