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Kiwi Link India 2017 to be held from July 12-14 in New Delhi

Tourism New Zealand’s annual travel trade event, Kiwi Link India, is scheduled to take place from July 12 to 14, 2017 in national capital, New Delhi. The event will be comprised of two full-day workshops followed by a frontline training session for travel agents. Kiwi Link India 2017 is expected to see participation from 35 tour operators from New Zealand, four airlines, Immigration New Zealand and Indian delegates from 42 companies. Tourism New Zealand will also be hosting key buyers from around India in New Delhi.

During the event Tourism New Zealand will be introducing the new, improved version of the “100% Pure” New Zealand specialist programme. The programme features a Gold, Silver and Bronze tier structure, and will provide benefits and incentives for members of each tier such as access to in-market training webinars and events, Tourism New Zealand’s Explore New Zealand discount programme, and 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist branded items.

The revised trade training programme is said to make it simpler for travel sellers to become New Zealand experts, through online and in-person training and provide an opportunity to potentially increase their sales and referrals. Their details will be listed on Tourism New Zealand’s website.

Speaking about the event, Steven Dixon, regional manager – South and South East Asia, Tourism New Zealand, said, “Kiwi Link India is one of Tourism New Zealand’s biggest trade shows and is very important to us as India continues to be a priority emerging market. The event serves as an ideal platform for us to strengthen relations with our stakeholders in the Indian travel trade.”

India is a priority market for New Zealand and is demonstrating strong growth. In the year ending April 2017 there were 53,792 Indian visitors to New Zealand, an increase of 14.6 per cent on the previous year. Stephen England-Hall, chief executive, Tourism New Zealand, added, “We are very pleased with the current growth out of India. The support we get from the Indian travel trade is absolutely vital to our success, which is why events such as Kiwi Link are so important.”

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