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Fxkart.com ties up with Air Asia

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Fxkart.com, an online aggregator of foreign exchange dealers in India, has announced its tie up with Air Asia. Fxkart.com will be showcasing its offerings on the Air Asia baggage tags across all airports in India where Air Asia operates as a way to promote the brand.

Abdul Hadi Shaikh, CEO, Fxkart.com, said, “Branding at airports has always been very expensive, but for a startup like us baggage tags was the best option. Our biggest challenge was how to make an impact, thus we came with the sack design for the tag and we are glad that it is working for us. We try to constantly innovate in whatever we do and this has been our business mantra.”

Fxkart is a platform for foreign exchange trading and currency exchange for travellers. Early this year, the company launched a forex booking mobile app showcasing around 650 foreign exchange dealer locations across India. The company claims to be India’s first forex booking app.

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