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D-travel and Zutshi Travel to organise tour for deaf to India

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D-travel has announced a 10-day tour, Deaf Incredible India, from November 9- 19, 2015 with Zutshi Travel. The tour includes a local Deaf guide who will present information about his own country’s history, culture and landmarks in sign language. He has plans to talk about Deaf Indian community along with the classic Indian heritage. The tour includes activities such as the opportunity to meet and mingle with Deaf Indians, bargain at bazaars, enjoy boat, jeep, camel, elephant rickshaw, and elephant rides, and stay at various accommodations in different cities including an overnight in a tent on the Thar desert.

D-travel, a Deaf-owned and Deaf-run travel agency, promotes and books travel services including tours offered by affiliated suppliers for Deaf and hard of hearing people. In addition, D-travel provides assistance and consultation to tour companies in development of Deaf tours. It is D-travel’s mission to make all kinds of travel including tours accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing community worldwide, which is why the capital letter D in their company logo signifies a strong culturally Deaf identity.

A year ago, D-travel decided to develop a tour to India after receiving requests and inquiries from the Deaf community. They researched for a supplier and found a well-established tour operator, Zutshi Travel, based in Delhi. D-travel contacted and met with them to discuss Deaf tours. Zutshi Travel agreed to provide a tour that is made accessible to Deaf travellers. Since then, D-travel and Zutshi Travel have been working closely together to develop a Deaf-centric itinerary.

An example includes the hiring of a Deaf local guide, Ajeesh Thulas, and a sign language interpreter, Surbhi Caneja. Ajeesh Thulas has been giving private tours on his own to deaf travellers for several years. The inclusion of the interpreter is intended for communication with the public between Ajeesh and participating travellers in the tour. Zutshi Travel through their own connections found Surbhi Caneja who is a CODA (Child of Deaf Adult) and a freelance interpreter. Both Ajeesh and Surbhi are fluent in Indian Sign Language and know American Sign Language.

Ajay Ahuja, co-director of Zutshi Travel, said, “We are ‘soft hearted’ people and can assure you that we will do our best to ensure that your clients carry back with them pleasant memories just like all the others.”

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