Let’s travel together.

Responsibly meaningful travel

Conscious, connected and curated are the words that is defining travel now and in the near future. Amidst all the pomp and show, there are weddings planners that are catering to demands for eco friendly weddings. Resorts and hotels are also catering to the demands for farm to fork, rustic and rural holidays, giving rise to a redefined concept in the accommodation space. Luxury homestays are making steady inroads and local is getting more focal. Slow tourism will be fast in demand and the traveller is predicted to move away from crowd to calm, from rush to rejuvenation, from extravagance to experiential. The choice of travel will also witness change. Self drive holidays at one’s own pace will gain momentum and off season travel demands may surprise the stake holders.

Our articulate thought leaders and Game Changers in this issue have interestingly shared views in our cover story that reiterate the above observations. From the car rental space, in terms of how car booking preferences will change, to the hospitality sector of offering experiences, to the tour operator who needs to be way ahead of the knowledge curve to tourism boards which have to offer the visitors a soulful experience, these are stories which are eye openers.

This month also witnesses action on the pilgrim tourism front. Twelve crore expected visitors, ₹ 2,900 crore investment, 30 km periphery area done up with amenities and visitor facilities and around 3200 hectares assigned for the core mela, the Prayagraj Kumbh Mela 2019 in Uttar Pradesh is pitched to be a mega showstopper. Hopefully the promise of a seamless travel experience should unfold at the mega gathering. Pilgrim tourism also witnessed some more action with respect to the Bihar tourism circuit. Buddhonomics was an interesting aspect being discussed at the convention, wherein one needs to look at pilgrim tourism with a difference. It’s not about just catering to pilgrims but to provide the trails of Buddha to any traveller who wishes to visit for the sheer experience.

The writing is all the more clear – Meaningful and responsible travel will be trending and this tribe will only increase with time.