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Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

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Located on Red Square in Moscow, Russia, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It sports a series of colourful bulbous domes and according to one of the theories, the cathedral is meant to symbolise Heavenly Jerusalem and hence the walls are decorated with precious stones. Another theory suggests that architects wanted to replicate the scene of a divine intercession when Mother Mary appeared to Christians praying for protection from a Saracen army and protected the Christian world with her mantle. To add to these legends, it is said that the architects were blinded after they completed work on the cathedral so that they wouldn’t replicate or surpass it elsewhere. The church is actually nine churches in one and after a fire broke out in 1595, the churches were decorated with onion domes, which is why one can see the vivid colours in the present age.

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