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Atmantan Wellness Resort, Pune

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Atmantan, a luxurious wellness resort in Mulshi region of Pune integrates the traditional Indian healing practices with international therapies and modern fitness techniques for holistic healing. Atmantan was conceptualised by ex-Ironman tri-athlete, Nikhil Kapur, and his wife, pranic healer, Sharmilee Agarwal Kapur. Atmantan is the divine amalgamation of Atma (soul), Mana (mind), and Tann (body) that encompasses the resort’s integrated approach to wellness. This can be achieved by creating the perfect equilibrium of wholesome wellness for the guests; physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

Nestled in the Sahyadris which are crystalline mountains, the place is naturally healing that speedup and assist the wellness purpose. A minimum of three-night stay is available at the centre that enable the staff to concentrate on complete wellness of the guest. The place helps one understand the relation between sound nutrition and functioning of the body. The packages include Atmantan Living, Spa Life, Master Cleanse, Weight Balance, Journey through Yoga, Ayurverda Panchkarma, Holistic Health, Fitness Challenge and Restorative Physiotherapy. These retreats focus on four elements of well being through proper food, sleep, exercise and positive environment. The stay starts from three days extending up to 28 days where the guests are offered a mix of wellness programmes where they can focus on complete rejuvenation.

Atmantan Corporate Wellness Programme enables individuals to deal more effectively with stress at the work place; and strike a healthy work-life balance. The customised programme includes interactive workshops on stress management, heart health; metabolic rate and energy balance diagnostics; individual health and nutritional consultations; fitness assessment; postural evaluation and prescription; outdoor team building activities; trekking; spa therapies; yoga for corporate life; guided meditation; group pilates; functional fitness classes; and Dance Therapy (Zumba, Bokwa, kick boxing, Bollywood dancing).

There are three food and beverage venues including Vistara, the main dining; Chantara, the barbeque lounge; and Te’-jus the juice bar. The restaurants bring in produce from the local gardens or the nearby farms to retain the freshness of  meals. The outdoor meditation pavilions – Dhyana and the ampitheatre  Prana, provide with some inspiring places to meditate, relax and indulge in soul searching. Healthy cooking techniques are used such as braising, steaming, poaching and grilling. Temperatures are kept low while cooking so that natural flavour and nutrients are retained whilst ensuring the food is easy to digest.

Atmantan can be reached within 90 minutes from the Pune International Airport and within a three and a half hours drive from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

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