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The Manor Backwater Resort, built in contemporary Indian style inspired by traditional Kerala architecture, is sprawled across four acres of land. This four-star facility resort boasts of 40 water facing- semi connected cottages, a restaurant on the river front, pool, a dedicated ayurvedic spa, a gym and even a viewing area. A unique feature at The Manor Backwater Resort is the view of the water from each and every room. The resort is built as separate cottage blocks with connecting bridges; each block has an atrium of indoor garden on either side of the passages. The view differs from ground to first floor, from one end to the other and from one direction to the other. Guests can stroll, view, stoop at the bridges connecting the blocks. The rooms provide a wonderful view of the sun in the eastern rooms and the last rays of the sunset visible from romantic western rooms. The Manor Backwater Resort is a place where guests can enjoy a drink or a snack in their own secluded privacy while watching the sunrise or sunset. The hotel offers various activities such as village walks, toddy tapping and even canoe racing. The property is designed to cater to every desire of the discerning luxury traveller.

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