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The Denmark Tavern, Kolkata

The 232 year hotel in Serampore, Kolkata was established in 1786 as an inn for Dane sailors and was then called Fredricksnagore. The two-storeyed structure by the Hooghly is the place where the Danes had kept their flagstaff and cannons. The Dennmark Tavern was a place to meet and stay for traders, clergy and travellers exploring Bengal. In 2010 – 11, more than 200 years after the tavern’s heyday, a group of restoration experts studied the building that stood in complete ruins surrounded by debris. It took around two years to restore the Tavern to its former glory as part of the Serampore Initiative, a restoration programme for several Danish heritage structures led by the National Museum of Denmark and funded by Realdania, a private trust in Denmark, in collaboration with West Bengal State Heritage Commission, and Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH). The refurnished building has a cafe, inspired by the double height central atrium of the Indian Coffee House in Kolkata and six high-ceilinged spacious rooms. The restored Denmark Tavern will fall under The Park Collection brand of The Park Hotels and will have The Park Hotel’s design aesthetics.