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Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Situated in north cental Idaho, the Dog Bark Park Inn is shaped like a Trojan-sized beagle. The indoors are filled with dog-themed designs and one can sleep with 26 carved dogs made by the owner itself. The local residents call this hotel ‘Sweet Willy’. The entire B&B consists of a single room with a queen bed and an adjacent loft. Built and designed by Dennis Sullivan & Frances Conklin, at 30 feet tall this is the world’s tallest Beagle bed and breakfast hotel that opened back in 2003. Dennis, a self-taught chainsaw artist has been carving from 30 years and specialises in creating folk-art style wooden carvings of over 60 different breeds and dog poses. The hotel is also surrounded by other sculptures of animals such as bears, fish, and moose. Guests can also explore the property’s sculpture garden, where one will find some of Sullivan’s other creations, like Toby, a minature carved beagle and a giant coffee pot with windows which guests can enter and take pictures inside.