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Crane Hotel Faralda, Amsterdam

Situated at the top of an industrial crane, the Crane Hotel Faralda offers guests three designer suites along with an open air Jacuzzi where one can enjoy 360º views of the city of Amsterdam. It is located on the banks of the river IJ and is directly opposite the centre of Amsterdam. Many years ago, the NDSM ship wharf was lying abandoned and after the restoration programme, the hotel came up and is thus suspended 50m up in the air. The Mystique suite is dressed in luxurious, dark fabrics giving it a modern oriental feel. The Secret suite offers guests a vibrant colour palette, along with Moroccan hanging lamps and on the other hand the Free Spirit suite is inspired from the harbour’s industrial past as it features more calmer aesthetics. Apart from its rooftop spa pool, the hotel also offers bungee jumping for the adventure enthusiasts.