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TrawellTag Cover-More to introduce Cover-More SIM in India

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Akshay KumarMumbai

TrawellTag Cover-More, travel ancillary service provider, plans to introduce Cover-More SIM in India in 2015. Cover-More SIM is a global SIM card which is a very successful product in Australia. In Australia, Cover-More provides the SIM complimentary with the purchase of travel insuramce.

Dev Karvat

Speaking about the new developments, Dev Karvat, managing director, TrawellTag Cover-More said, “We are in the process of introducing the Cover-More SIM in the India market within six to 10 months. As of now we are waiting for the right infrastructure to introduce this product. India is still largely a travel agent driven market, so we do not have any plans to introduce a B2C platform directly. Cover-More is a very matured brand and our main focus is to get the same technology platform even in India. But along with this we also customise our products in such a way that it specifically suits the Indian consumers.”

Speaking about the India market, Peter Edwards, chief executive officer, Cover-More Group said, “We are focusing on India as this country continues to be one of the most exciting economies in Asia, with an entrepreneurial approach to business and innovation, which is attractive to many Australian and international investors and global companies. We work on the policy of voice of consumer, the consumers face certain challenges and we are here to find a way to bridge those gaps. Still in India, we have seen that the conversion rate for travel ancillary services is somewhere around 20 per cent, whereas in Australia it is 75 – 80 per cent, which clearly indicates that this market has a huge potential. We are very confident that the outbound travel is going to triple by 2020, we will surely penetrate more into the India market and introduce many more unique products.”

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