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‘The Destination Travel Hub is for travellers who want meaningful experiences’

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The tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace and it’s almost impossible to keep up with the evolving trends. Riyaz U C, managing director, Spiceland Holidays stresses on the importance of constant innovation and how the digital age is changing the face of the tourism industry as we know it. By Tanuvi Joe

In what way does Spiceland Holidays customised tour packages benefit the different regions of India as well as the tourism revenue of those regions?
Spiceland Holidays helps hotels/resorts to increase the volume to segments which we cater to. Our nation wide as well as International Marketing Teams promote these areas to Travel Agents and in turn revenue is generated. We also promote sustainable Tourism, Medical Tourism, Wedding Tourism and many more such type of tourism related promotions.


In what way does the Destination Travel Hub and Tourist Facilitation Centre you’ve recently opened serve the tourism industry?
serviceThe Destination Travel Hub is for travellers who want meaningful and memorable experiences at the best deals with the convenience of a personal concierge. Our clients include individuals, couples, and groups. We personally design custom-tailored itinerary packages curated with the client’s budget and preferences in mind as well as offer tried-and-tested recommendations when it comes to accommodations, hot food spots, and activities. The Tourist Facilitation Centre on the other hand is to facilitate Tourism Officials and Tourism Board members to come down and conduct meetings and to interact with various Board members for Tourism promotion in Domestic and International segments.

Are you planning to establish similar centres in the future?
We do have plans to establish similar centres based on the spots where there is scope for the same. Even niche products will definitely be there- like cruises or short stay destinations or packages with attractive rates.

How is the digital age proving to be useful for the tourism industry?
There is no doubt that the travel and tourism industry is more competitive than ever, and firms are quickly discovering that digital technology lies at the heart of the tourism experience. The travel industry also has the option of other digital mediums that offer unique benefits over websites, such as tablet applications. These apps – whether they are on iPad, Android, Windows or BlackBerry – offer tourism companies global distribution. And with the tablet market increasing daily, travel bookings on these devices are increasing.

You have also participated in the ‘India with a Difference’ campaign. How did that help the industry?
These kind of ventures explore and explain some unusual destinations, upcoming destinations and destinations which the traveller has not yet discovered.

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