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Optimising private jet experiences

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Sudipta DevMumbai

Kanika Tekriwal

JetSetGo (JSG) enables travellers to search, compare and book private jets online. The customers comprise the UHNI segment – both business and leisure, including inbound UNHI. JSG has unique private jet experiences which consist of birthday parties to dining in the skies with leading star chefs. “The sky is literally the limit with our private jet experiences. We have something to offer for a four-year-old and something for a 84-year-old,”  said Kanika Tekriwal, co-founder and CEO, JetSetGo.

The company works with both aircraft owners who predominantly purchase machines for self use along with pure aircraft operators. For aircraft operators, JSG has built a cloud based resource management system which lets them do dynamic pricing on the basis of demand and supply factors which has never been done before, over and above which they maintain live inventory through this system. “Hence a customer is able to see live availability as is where is – the operator gets the final say in confirming the flight since before confirmation to the customer JSG seeks operator approval,” informed Tekriwal.

With service providers JSG has exclusive service level standards for all customer facing services. “Delivery of these services is closely monitored by our customer experience team. Hence a service provided with JSG contracted service provider and through someone else would largely vary in terms of quality of delivery and experience,” she added.

It is a win-win for both aircraft operators and customers. With aircraft operators JSG works closely to get them optimum pricing and fleet visibility. “Along with bringing in supply chain efficiencies we are in the process of collaborating with an international parts and services marketplace, customised for the Indian operator. We work at increasing fleet utilisation which brings overall operating cost down hence resulting in greater profits for operators and owners,” said Tekriwal.

The customer benefits on account of choice and transparency. Tekriwal pointed out that today a private jet from Delhi to Agra costs almost thrice of what it should due to the minimum flying time commitments brokers and operators require. “With JSG our intention is to make the demand aggregation work perfectly wherein customers pay as they fly so if a customer’s requirement is Delhi to Agra, he only pays for Delhi to Agra,” she stated. Also, JSG is the only platform in the country that allows a customer to sell empty legs.

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