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On the footsteps of Brothers Grimm on Fairy Tale Route

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The Fairy Tale Route in Germany is named after the Brothers Grimm, who wrote popular  fairy tales like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. This is one of the most famous scenic routes in Germany. “The route begins in Hanau, near Frankfurt, which is a birthplace of Brothers Grimm. It goes up 600 km from the middle of Germany to the north to Bremen. There are about 60 little cities, mostly historic ones. Many of the places are associated with the life of Brothers Grimm,” said Brigitte Buchholz-Blodow, marketing manager, German Fairy Tale Route. “Here they collected all the stories and wrote down the fairy tales,” added Buchholz-Blodow, pointing out that the Fairy Tale Route is yet to be discovered by Indian visitors and they are looking at popularising it in the Indian market.

From the old town of Steinau an der Strasse the location of Brothers Grimm House to Marburg, where the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm studied, it is an exciting discovery for people of all age groups. While Little Red Riding Hood is in the Schwalm region, Sleeping Beauty at the Sababurg Castle, in Reinhard-Forest, and the Pied Piper in Hamelin. “At Hamelin every Sunday there is an open air theatre of the Pied Piper. At Snow White House you can see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There is also a Fairy Tale Museum at Steinau, a beautiful castle, a puppet theatre and every day there is a performance,” mentioned Buchholz-Blodow. The Travelling Musicians of Bremen conclude this fascinating route.

Brothers Grimm lived two centuries years ago. In Kassel they had collected their world famous fairy tales, and the Brothers Grimm Museum where they once worked, showcase memorabilia, manuscripts and their books. The personal copies of the Tales of Children and the Home written by them is a UNESCO World Document Heritage and are exhibited at Grimmwelt Kassel.

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