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My Success Mantra

Dev Karvat

Passion, commitment and not fretting to take unconventional paths. Also, ensuring my team is driven by a similar attitude.

My First Milestone

Growing from a single office set-up in 2001 to 70 offices pan India today. Another most significant milestone was be when Cover-More decided to invest in our company and it was rebranded as TrawellTag Cover-More.

My inspiration in life

When I think of the millions of travellers’ lives that we touch each day, what could be more inspiring than that to keep one going.

Biggest career learning

There is no substitute for hard work and sincerity, irrespective of whatever talent one has.

My stress buster

My family, especially my two adorable kids.

My favourite management book

I’m not much of an avid reader but I have learnt some of the most important management lessons from my customers.

USP of my TrawellTag team

Trust and credibility topped with a ‘go-getter’ attitude.

My dream destination

I would love to have explored the entire world someday. The next on my bucket list is Amalfi Coast.

Vision for the company

To be a world leader in innovation and keep evolving to suit the dynamic global digital world.

My advice to the Gen-Next

Never give up. Have self-confidence, believe in your dreams, and most importantly, never let success get to your head and failure get to your heart.

Dev Karvat, Managing director, TrawellTag Cover-More, India

(As told to Akshay Kumar)

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