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Dubai luxury hotels target India market

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Akshay KumarMumbai

The Nijhawan Group recently concluded its three city roadshow for The Address Hotels + Resorts Group Dubai, The Armani Hotel & Resorts- Dubai and Milan and Vida Hotels and Resorts Dubai in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. At the fourth year of the roadshow general managers from across all the Dubai based properties, which are represented and marketed by Nijhawan Group, were present to tap the luxury segment in India.

Stefan Viard, general manager, Vida Hotels and Resorts said, “We received an excellent response from Delhi and Bengaluru. India is a nation with high income, so our main focus will be to target the leisure and the corporate segment in India. We have two properties in Dubai, Vida Downtown and the Vida Manzil which are perfect for families and couples.”

Fabrice Ducry, general manager, The Palace Downtown Dubai said, “ We see a great potential in the India market. The Palace has already been a popular destination among Indian tourists. We have a traditional building rather than an iconic one which is well appreciated by Indian travellers. FITs and incentive groups are our main focus. The Downtown area has a lot of activities which is good for incentive groups.”

Caroline- Jane Houston, general manager, The Address Downtown Dubai said, “We have a good proportion of Indian travellers coming to our property, due to the location of our hotel. We are looking majorly at the leisure segment as we have one of the best nightlife.”

Mark Kirby, hotel manager, Armani Hotel Dubai said, “After a successful roadshow last year, we have seen a 50 per cent increase in the travellers coming from India to our property. We have observed that Indian travellers are demanding more of luxury hotels and they want to stay in the best hotels. We are connected to the Dubai Mall which is a USP of our property.”

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