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Tollwood Winter Festival 2017, Munich

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The Munich Tollwood Winter Festival, being held from November 23 to December 31, will feature international theatre acts next to the scenery of the international ‘market of ideas’. It is a unique and Christmas market, which consists of more than 200 stalls where visitors can shop and experience international fair-trade and alternative lifestyle products. The market displays handcrafted pottery, cosmetics, ecological wellness, yoga, toys for children, fashion items, clothing, jewellery, body art, piercings, tattoos, and organic food from all over the world. One large tent is entirely dedicated to international vegetarian-vegan food and related products. Around 70 per cent of the shows, which range from theatre, music and performances to environmental activities and kids entertainment, are free. Tollwood festival will also feature the ‘Weltsalon’, a multimedia-based venue featuring important ecological and social issues.