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La Batalla del Vino, Spain

Batalla del Vino, meaning ‘Battle of Wine’, takes place in the small town of Haro nestled in the La Rioja wine region. Legend says that after the death of San Felices de Bilibio in the 6th century, people started making pilgrimage trips to the caves of Riscos de Bilibio where he was buried. Then later in the 20th century, wine baptisms began which turned into wine celebrations and the wine battle was a result of these events. Held every year on June 29, participants wear white along with a red handkerchief around their necks with an aim to cover each other so much in wine that the clothes of the people turn purple. For further assistance, there are even water trucks filled with wine roaming on the streets. After the long fight, everyone feasts on lamb chops and snails and completes the remaining party at Haro with dancing, live music and street stalls.

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