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Halloween in Los Angeles

When it comes to Halloween, the City of Angels knows how to have a devil of a good time. From the world’s largest Halloween street party, to family-friendly Halloween events at museums and other cultural institutions, Los Angeles attractions, tours and parties offer fiendish fun and spooky scares for everyone. Los Angeles is no stranger to unconventional activities; some of the more unsettling year-round staples are the macabre Museum of Death, a curation of art, photographs and memorabilia centered around the dearly departed, and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where a legends like Rudolph Valentino and Johnny Ramone are buried. You can even hop aboard the darkest bus tour in Hollywood courtesy of Dearly Departed Tours for a look at the actual locations where celebrities died. For an even more interactive experience, the 15th annual Halloween Mourning Tour, is a reenacted tribute to the mourning etiquette of the Victorian era taking place at the Heritage Square Museum.