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Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, also known as ‘cotton castle’ is a tiny town in southwestern Turkey that boasts 17 of the most splendid water terraces in the world. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has attracted people for more than thousands of years especially because of its striking contrast between the travertine and the glistening pools. The travertine is a type of white limestone which is deposited by thermal waters making up the surrounding mountains. The site is also the well-preserved ruins of the Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis and the Romans had built this spa city around a sacred warm water spring. High in calcium, magnesium sulfate and bicarbonate, the water is said to help recovery from various skin and blood diseases. The best way to witness this combination of natural and man-made wonders is to approach the site from the south gate and walk up through the formations on the travertine path.