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National Museum of Play, New York

Situated in Rochester, New York, the Strong National Museum of Play is around 300,000 sq ft and is filled with hands-on exhibits to encourage youngsters to learn through play. It is also the only museum in the country which is devoted to the study of play as it highlights American culture. This means that in addition to being fun it also provides visitors, especially older kids and adults, plenty to feel nostalgic about. The brightly coloured museum has wings designed to look like a pile of gigantic building blocks, similar to a caterpillar, and literally ‘wings’ with the museum’s indoor butterfly garden located there. The most famous exhibits here are the American Comic Book Heroes exhibits, featuring ‘life-size’ models of Batman, Superman and the Hulk and the first handmade monopoly set.Along with this, the museum has special effects which make it look like kids are climbing up walls or even developing super strength after being zapped with secret rays. There is also the National Toy Hall of Fame featuring LEGO, Barbie and Etch A Sketch. To make things even more entertaining, there is an enormous Super Kids Market which has real working scanners at the child-size check-out counters as well as an area where kids can produce their own cooking shows and commercials.