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Lake Hillier, Western Australia

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On the edge of Middle Island, the largest of islands off the south coast of Western Australia lies the saline lake, Lake Hillier. Known for its pink colour, many say that the reason behind it is the result of high salinity combined with the presence of pink bacteria known as halobacteria and the salt-loving algae called as Dunaliella salina. 600 meters in length, it was first discovered by navigator and cartographer Matthew Flinders back in 1802, who took pictures and kept a record of it in his journal. The lake is 10 times saltier than the ocean and for at least six years in the early 20th century, salt was mined from it. Surrounded by paperback and eucalyptus trees, the lake lies next to the Pacific Ocean providing a beautiful contrast between the blue of the ocean and the mellow pink of the lake. Maintaining its pink shade all year round, travellers can view this contast from a helicopter tour or cruise ship.

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