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El Nido, Philippines

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El Nido in Palawan, Philippines includes 45 islands and islets. The destination is famous for its pristine beaches, exotic corals, craggy cliffs and hidden coves. A lot of effort has been made by stakeholders of the tourism industry to ensure responsible and sustainable tourism in Philippines. Island hopping on a traditional bangka boat is the best way of discovering the natural beauty of El Nido. There are stunning views all around with rocky islands dotting the sea. The towering Cadlao Island is the largest in El Nido, while Helicopter Island looks like a chopper has landed on water. The highlight is the astoundingly beautiful small lagoon with its emerald green waters, which can only be accessed in a kayak because of its small entrance. The big lagoon was earlier a cave, and the sights of stalactites and stalagmites are indicative of this. This area supports a lot of marine species and commercial fishing is not allowed.

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